Our Seafood Choices Matter for the Ocean

Sereia Films is a non-profit that empowers people to make better choices around seafood by telling engaging stories.

Sereia Films is an environmental education nonprofit and advocates for a healthy ocean ecosystem. We believe our choices matter.

Through video storytelling, community events, beach cleanups, presentations and film festivals, we educate our community about the problems- and solutions- facing our oceans

Make Smarter Seafood Choice Today

Try a new seafood – diversity in your seafood choices is key!

Eat lower on the food chain. From clams and oysters, to mussels and sardines, there are many sustainable and delicious options.

Look for eco-certifications.

Look for US wild caught and farm raised seafood.

Cook whole fish at home.

Get to know the person you buy seafood from and ask them questions.

Eat more sustainable canned seafood.

Visit seafoodwatch.org to learn more about specific species.