“Our mission is to educate consumers so they can make smarter seafood choices.”


Our oceans are running out of fish, and we need to make smarter seafood choices to ensure there are fish in the ocean for future generations.

Fish can be a sustainable and healthy source of protein, and it’s time we welcome both wild and farmed seafood on our dinner plates. Sereia Films creates educational content and hosts educational community events. In 2019, Sereia Films reached more than 52,000 people through our social media efforts and in-person events.

We want more people to feel comfortable talking about fish. The seafood industry is complicated, and there is usually not a straightforward solution. We talk with experts in the industry to help us gain a greater understanding of all that goes into getting seafood on our dinner plates.

We host community events from our Fish Talk lecture series, to hands-on workshops, to tours of aquaculture facilities. We look forward to seeing you at one in the future!

Thanks for swimming along with us as we navigate the waters of being a small nonprofit in constantly changing times. Your support means everything to us. Each time you attend an event, tell your friends about us, like a Facebook post, or donate, you make a huge impact on our ability to operate. With your continued support, we look forward to growing in the coming year, focusing
on seafood education.

We live on a gorgeous planet — and there are a lot of us. Our choices about seafood consumption matter dearly, but we understand the seafood industry can be complex. We’re here to help you understand it. Let’s keep some fish in the ocean for future generations!

See you in the ocean,

Sarah Curry, Founder & Executive Director

Sarah Curry of Sereia Films

Sarah Curry, Founder & Executive Director