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This year the world has changed in many ways and we’re working on adapting here at Sereia Films. Last year we focused on fishy community events in Miami and this year we are working to bring our work online. Check out the resource tab on our website to see fish farm maps and more.

Today I want to share our 2019 Annual Report, insights from a Seafood Survey we conducted, and a few things to mark on your calendar.  On November 10th I’m joining Chef Allen Susser on  Slow Food Miami’s instagram to talk about sustainable seafood and the Slow Fish program we’re developing. November 19th is Give Miami Day and we have a fundraising goal of $4,000. Finally, on December 5th, we’ll have a limited capacity boat-tour of Stiltsville. We hope you can participate in one, or all, of these events!

We are also going to be releasing the first three episodes of our web series in the next couple of months. The first one will hit your inbox this week!  Since you’re a valued newsletter subscriber, you’ll get the first look.

Finally, we’re celebrating receiving a grant and we want to invite you to join us! Cheers to protecting the ocean! We’re grateful to the Miami Foundation and Miami Dade County for their support during these difficult times.

And thank you, for your continued support as well!

Sarah Curry

(For those of you who make it to the end of this newsletter, there’s a Halloween picture from when I dressed up as a hippie Steve Urkel as a kid.)


2019 Annual Report

Seafood Survey Results

Last year at an event, we surveyed about 30 attendees on seafood.  The first question we asked was “What seafood do you eat the most?” You can see the full list below, but the top species were salmon, snapper, shrimp and grouper. It’s an interesting mix of the U.S.’s most commonly consumed seafood
(salmon and shrimp), with a South Florida twist, snapper and grouper.

Another question we asked was what people wanted to learn more about in regards to seafood. People want to learn more about 1) where to find sustainable seafood in Miami, 2) seafood fraud, 3) how water quality impacts seafood 4) cooking fish at home, and more!

We’re excited to use this information to help us create the next season of our web series. We’ll be visiting and interviewing seafood producers in Florida, from local fisherman, to fish farmers. Do you have suggestions? We always welcome feedback, please email us!

What seafood do you eat the most?

What do you want to learn more about?

Give Miami Day is less than a month away, and we have a goal to raise $4,000! We hope you can support us this year with a donation. In case you’re wondering, no,  you don’t have to live in Miami to participate. This online day of giving is a great way the city rallies around nonprofits, so you’ll definitely be hearing more from us leading up to this day. 

If you’ve been out with us before on this trip, you know how special it is. Like last year, we’re hosting a holiday boat trip, but we’ll be limiting capacity to keep everyone safe. We’ll be sending out the registration link shortly. 

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