Hey Fish Friends,

We hope you had a great Earth day, week, and month. Check out our newest episode below, a new grant award, and the events we’re hosting this May. We’re also working to schedule some in-person seafood education events for later this Summer, featuring women in fisheries and a cooking class using sustainable canned seafood.

New Content

Episode Four – From Tide to Table, Two Docks Shellfish

When we send you videos like this one that are on Vimeo, that means we still have a couple more tweaks before they’re ready to be shared publicly. (But as a newsletter subscriber, you get the first look.) We’ll have this up on YouTube shortly – and then we would LOVE your help spreading the word about this series. Have you subscribed to our YouTube channel yet? Also – we’re working on a Clam Ebook to accompany this episode, stay tuned.

New Grant

We’re excited to announce that we recently received a grant from the Curtis and Edith Munson Foundation to go towards our work with the seafood web series. A huge thank you to the Foundation for their support. This is a matching grant and we’ll be seeking matching funds through this next year.

Upcoming Events

Earth First Friday – May 7th

We’re screening the first four episodes of the docu series on May 7th at the Barnacle in Coconut Grove. It’ll be a lovely time and we hope you can make it out! Feel free to bring a picnic basket and some snacks. Get your tickets today.

Trashy Tuesday – May 19th

We’re excited to get back on Miami’s beaches with our monthly sunset beach cleanups. Have you ever been to a beach cleanup before? Once you spend an hour and a half picking up trash….it changes the way you see the world.

Biscayne Bay Boat Tour – May 29th

When was the last time you went out to Stiltsville? When was the last time you went out to Stiltsville with a local historian? Join us for a sunset cruise leaving out of Crandon Park Marina for a gorgeous, educational evening.

We’re in pre-production for several new episodes (Eating the Whole Fish, Homestead tilapia farms and Lionfish – the Catch 22), as well as working on more consumer-level resources. Do you know someone who wants to help with seafood education? Send them our way! And as always, your support makes this work possible. We’ll also be sending out a survey soon so you can tell us what type of information you’re looking for.

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