Hey Fish Friends,

We’re slowly starting to get back out into the world – and we’d love to see you. Safely, of course! We’re releasing some great content that we want to share with you and the world. Check out Episode Three below that features a local spearfisherwoman and local seafood market. And join us on Thursday for a screening of the first four episodes of the series. Did you know we’re on LinkedIn? Give us a follow there, and stay up to date with what we’re up to. Thanks for being part of the Sereia community!

Episode Three: Miami Spearfisherwoman & Local seafood market

Want to help us make more seafood education content? We’re looking for corporate sponsors, amazing individuals, and dedicated interns to help keep Sereia swimming forward. We appreciate all of you who have helped so far! Follow us online to show your support through likes, shares, and feedback.

We’re going to be screening episodes from our web series, selling Sereia cups, drinking great beer, and talking about sustainable seafood. We’d love to see you there!

We’re working on something delicious. Our current episode in post-production features an 29-year old Italian chef who utilizes all parts of the fish. The ‘Eat the Whole Fish’ episode features unexpected fish, and unexpected parts of the fish. We think that utilizing various species, and reducing fish waste – is key to longterm ocean health. Stay tuned!

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