Hi fish friends,

It’s that time of year – Give Miami Day! It’s a beautiful day of communal philanthropy in Miami and we’d love you to be a part of it. (Even if you don’t live in Miami!) Please visit the Miami Foundation’s website to make a contribution. Our “Power Hour” is from 6pm to 7pm ET tomorrow, which means more of our donations will be partially matched during that time. 
Check out how we’ll be spending your donations below.

We’re also currently looking for a two sponsors, or one generous sponsor, for some special projects. First, we’d like to create an educational coloring book on what it’s like to be a fish living in Miami. Second, we’re looking for a sponsor to create a paid internship program. (We’ll even name it after you, a loved one, OR your favorite sea creature.) Please email me if you’d like to make one of these projects happen.

As a small organization, every like and share on social media makes a difference! And every dollar donated truly helps us survive and grow. We’re looking forward to creating more sustainable seafood media for Floridians and beyond, so we can educate the public and protect our oceans for future generations. 

Thank you so much for your support so far, and thanks for your contribution tomorrow!!

Best fishes, 
Sarah Curry

Join us for a socially distanced,

holiday boat tour out to historic Stiltsville

Last time we went out, it was a blast. This time, we have limited seating of 20 people, so make sure to reserve your spot. It will be from 4-6pm on December 5th, 2020.

How we’ll be spending your donations: 

We’ll be releasing two more episodes of our web series by the end of the year, and we’re in pre-production for new episodes! We’re excited to highlight Florida seafood producers – from commercial fisherman, to fish farmers. We want to introduce you to the people harvesting and growing seafood close to home.  

Want to learn more, now? Check out our recently released maps of Florida’s oyster, clam, tilapia, and catfish farms on our website. We’re working on E-books to complement these maps that will provide background information on the species, recipes, and more. 

And thanks to a generous grant from the Wildlife Conservation Society, we’re excited to be exploring Miami bridges with a Trident Remote Operated Vehicle. We’ll be creating videos highlighting marine debris and hope to raise awareness with  fisherman and locals alike.

Looking for a fishy podcast?

We reccomend Aquademia!

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