Hi fish friends,

Knowing how to fillet your own fish is a powerful thing. So much of our seafood comes to us in little squares, already fried or cooked, and doesn’t resemble anything that swims in the ocean. (And maybe some of us prefer it that way?)

But being able to carve the fish meat off the bones is a great way to take control over your seafood choices- and help protect the ocean.  Buying fish whole at the market means you can check out the fish for yourself and make sure you’re getting something of good quality, which means it will be extra delicious. (See our tips below.)

After this workshop, you won’t be scared to take home a whole fish and use your new found super power to cook a delicious fish dinner for your friends. We’ll send out a link to event tickets mid August- but save the date and tell your friends!

**We’ll also be screening part of our web series there** 

Come see us THIS SUNDAY at LaurderAle Brewery in Ft. Lauderdale. We’ll be premiering our new fish trivia game, as well as some rad merch. The event is going on all weekend, but we’ll be tabling from 1- 4pm.

Here’s a sneak peak at our episode of Eating Out: The Hunt for Sustainable Seafood that was shot at Books & Books with Miami Waterkeeper Executive Director Rachel Sivlerstein.

The second installment of our seafood series, “Fish Talk: From Water to Table”, hosted at @booksandbooks, in the Gables, was a great success last week! Over 25 people attended including many new faces that we hope to see again soon! 

Speaker, Michael Aldonas, explained the complexities of the seafood supply chain from water to plate. He emphasized our growing dependence on aquaculture methods to produce seafood at a rate that meets global demands. Today, 53% of seafood is sourced from the wild and 47% is farmed. 

The increasing diversity in fishing and farming methods makes it evermore challenging for consumers to trace and trust their food choices. Speakers David Ventura, Whole Food’s regional seafood coordinator, and Chef Allen, the culinary Director at Books & Books, shared their work as leaders in the sustainable seafood industry with species like lionfish. Chef Allen’s new cookbook, Green Fig and Lionfish, will be coming out soon!

And now for a moment of ocean Awesomeness.
Whale Sharks – Isla Mujeres – July 2019

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