Hi fish friends,

We hope everyone is surviving this heat! We’re gearing up for a month full of fun events – and we’d love to see you there, either virtually, or in person. And check out our recent Annual Report from last year!


Please Consider Making a Donation Today to Further Seafood Education

We’re in post-production on an episode about fish waste and in pre-production for the next episode in our series – and we need your help to make these episodes a reality! The next episode will be shot at the end of the month and will feature a land-based seafood producer here in Florida. It should be a really cool episode! Your donations make a difference and make this work possible. Please reach out to us directly if you’re interested in being a sponsor (corporate, or individual), of an upcoming episode. Together, you can help us make a difference for the oceans, today!

We’re also working to rework our website to offer resources specifically for consumers, chefs, and teachers. Stay tuned this Fall for a relaunch of our site – with tons of fishy content. Finally, we’ll be offering in-school presentations, corporate lunch and learns, and other outreach opportunities this Fall. We appreciate your support, and you can even sign up to make a monthly donation.

SOS Conservation Day this

Saturday in Ft. Lauderdale

Record Manatee Deaths in Florida and What You Can Do to Help

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