How’s everyone hanging in there?

Hi fish friends,

We hope you’re staying safe out there. Despite events being canceled and things being generally crazy, we’re moving forward at Sereia. From new Zoom interviews (see below), to our web series, to finalizing our 2019 Annual Report, we’ve got a lot going on. We’re also working on rebranding our website to showcase the fact that we are going to be solely dedicated to educating about seafood as a nonprofit. Narrowing down from ‘environmental education’ to ‘seafood education.’  Although we’ll still have our Trashy Tuesdays once they open the beaches again!

We look forward to when we can invite you all out for an oyster shucking class and play some fish trivia over a beer. Until then, we’re creating content that we hope you find meaningful, and maybe even fun.

Best fishes,


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Need a new podcast for your quarantine walks?


We had the pleasure of meeting the folks who produce the Aquademia Podcast last year at the Boston Seafood Show when they launched it. In just over a year they’ve been able to create some pretty cool and informative content. You should definitely check them out!

Stay tuned for our Annual Report which is coming soon. We reached over 50k people in 2019 through our events and social media. With your help, we look forward to doing more in 2020. 

The above interview was supposed to take place at the Boston Seafood Show in March. Since it’s been rescheduled, we’ve decided to conduct Zoom interviews with folks who are leading the way in seafood sustainability across the industry. Visit to see the full blog post associated with the video and get links to resources mentioned in the interview. 

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