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As a small, new nonprofit, meeting people like you at events who want to stay in touch with us makes our day!  By joining this email list you’ve shown you care about the world we live in, specifically the ocean, so we’re glad you’re here. 

Sereia Films is an environmental education nonprofit that primarily focuses on ocean health. We believe our choices matter. Through creative video storytelling, community events, beach cleanups, and in class presentations and film festivals, we educate our community about the problems- and solutions- facing our oceans.

We’d love to see you at our fish fillet workshop on September 6th or our Trashy Tuesday beach cleanup on August 27th. We’ve also included some clips from our web series below.

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Being able to carve the fish meat off the bones is a great way to take control over your seafood choices- and help protect the ocean. Buying fish whole at the market means you can check out the fish for yourself and make sure you’re getting something of good quality, which means it will be extra delicious. Click on the here to buy tickets!

Lauren is new to spearfishing. Why does she do it?

Rachel is Executive Director of Miami Waterkeeper.

See how she feels about sustainable seafood.

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